• Image 1
    Revolutionary UHD !!
    The All-New Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner
    with powerful Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution of 5.0MP
    and DOF's patented Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology.
  • Image 2
    More Powerful Than Ever!!
    FREEDOM's patented SSS Method with moving camera
    and light module to rotate around the center of scanning
    stage and keeps your models stable while scanning.
  • Swing
    Unique, Compact, Fast Swing!
    UNIQUE, COMPACT, FAST SWING is an uniquely designed
    L-shaped dental scanner and compact with open-design
    that fits anywhere on your desk.
  • Prime
    Quick and Easy Scanning
    Back to the Basic
    Prime is a simple scanner with most of key elements you
    need for your lab.
  • Sharp
    SHARP 2-5X
    5-axis Simultaneous Processing
    It features 5-axis simultaneous machining, milling
    on X, Y, Z axis and rotating blocks and discs 360
    degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Exocad
  • HyperDent

About Digital Dentistry Solutions!

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The company was established in 2015 with the sole motto of providing dedicated Digital Dentistry Solutions to the Indian Dental Fraternity.

The company has evolved into a structured corporate entity since its inception. We have one of the finest and the leading brands of World’s Dental CAD/CAM Industry. With each growing year we keep adding new technologies to our existing brigade of revolutionary digital product line.

From being the pioneer in introduction of 3D Functional Digital Smile Design Technology from Las Vegas, USA to becoming the reseller of the Worlds leading brands in Dental CAD Industry: The exocad. We have it all!

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Salient Features

  • Why DDS?

    At DDS we are committed to serve you by providing quality 3D Digital Technology products in Dentistry along with Basic/Advance Training and uninterrupted technical support at your door steps.

  • Online Support

    At DDS we provide cutting edge technology to individual doctors/ hospitals / institutions in digital dentistry through our highly skilled trainer team and support staff present all through the country.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our products are Best in Technology and yet at par with the existing market prices. We believe in delivering the Best to the Best!!

We have the most advanced digital dentistry equipments that fulfill all your clinical needs, Choose from our products!!

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Delivering Quality Dentistry Solutions, Digitally!!

We expertise in delivering latest cutting edge Digital Dental Technology Products to our Esteemed Customers.

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